Better Wichita Water Made Easy with Culligan’s Whole House Water Filters

Better taste, bigger benefits — whole house water filtration keeps your people hydrated, happy, and your house running smoothly.

Because Wichita’s water partly comes from groundwater sources, you may be familiar with some of the problems that untreated, hard water can cause in your home:

  • Cloudy or discolored tap water
  • Skin, hair, and nails that feel dry after a shower or bath
  • Unpleasant or foul odor from water out of your tap
  • Laundry that may be stained
  • White buildup and chalky residue
  • Rust-colored or blue/green stains or spots

It is important to note that they can be signs that point to more serious issues in your home.  These signs could mean that hard water minerals are causing damage to your plumbing and appliances.  With mineral buildup in these areas of your home, your pipes, dishwashers, washing machines, and other major appliances will be working overtime.

When you have appliances that are struggling to work properly, you could see a rise in your utility bills.  As these appliances use more energy, which they need to do to compensate for the inefficiency of hard water, they could strain both themselves and your wallet.

Wichita’s Municipal Water Quality

Municipal water sources around the country have one of three water sources: surface water (which includes lakes, rivers, reservoirs, etc.), groundwater (like underground aquifers and wells), or a combination of the two.  Since Wichita’s water comes from a combination of these sources, it has both the best, and the worst, parts of each water source.  It can be harder than average, like groundwater commonly is, but it can also have bacteria and other contaminants, which is usual in surface water.  Because of the combination of these factors, the only way to stay completely covered is with a Culligan of Wichita whole home water filtered to help your water stay soft and safe.

The Culligan Whole Home Water Filtration Solution

Wouldn’t it be nice if every fixture in your house had better-tasting water that ran clear and worked better for your home?  With a Culligan whole home water filter that stops your water problems at their source, this fantasy can become realty.  Whether you have been experiencing problems with plumbing or fixtures, inefficient appliances, or even unpleasant tastes and odors in your water, the best way to make your water easier on your home, and the people in it, is with whole home filtration.

Regardless of Wichita’s hard or poor-quality water, our personalized solutions will help you improve the taste and performance of your water.  Culligan of Wichita can help you make a difference that you will notice in your home, no matter what room you’re in.

Whole Home Water Filtration Benefits

Culligan whole home filters can save you both time and money in the long run, whether it is reducing your utility bills, extending your major appliances lifespan, or causing you to use less cleaning or personal care products (like soaps, detergents, and shampoos).  Soft, filtered water can even help you feel better and enjoy clothes that look better by being gentler on nails, skin, hair, laundry, and more.

  • Get clear, better-tasting, fresher-smelling water from every faucet in your Wichita home.
  • Save on utility bills by improving major appliance efficiency.
  • Keep clothes looking new, longer, with filtered water that’s easier on laundry.
  • Protect plumbing and fixtures from hard water buildup.
  • Save on detergents, soaps, shampoos, and more with softer water that uses cleaners and personal products more effectively.
  • Make cleaning faster with filtered water that rinses clean without cloudy residue or water spots. Improve skin, hair, and nails with softer, gentler water.

The Culligan Difference in Wichita

Having been in business for over 80 years now, it is safe to assume that we know water problems and how to solve them.  In addition, we have local experts who know the exact water problems that we face in Wichita.  We’re experienced at understanding the water in your home, diagnosing the problems, and finding a whole home filtration solution that will help you treat your specific water goals.

  • Get the most out of your investment with professional installation and routine maintenance to ensure maximum efficiency for the life of your whole home filter.
  • Water tests are always free, and your local Wichita Culligan Man will review the results with you to identify water issues, and customize the right solution for your home.
  • Culligan of Wichita is always here to help with questions for service, maintenance, repairs, and more, for worry-free customer service.
  • Find the widest selection of hard-working, high-efficiency whole home water filtration systems, customized for your specific water problems.

Learn more about the home benefits of a Culligan® Culligan Whole House Water Filter!

  • pH (Acidic/Alkaline)
    pH (Acidic/Alkaline)
  • Rusty Stain
    Rusty Stain
  • Blue/Green Stain
    Blue/Green Stain
  • Colored Water
    Colored Water
  • Laundry Stains
    Laundry Stains
  • Musty Smell
    Musty Smell

Culligan® Whole House Filter Overview

Get cleaner water from every tap, every faucet, and in every room with the Culligan® Total Home Water Conditioner. Our hardworking two-in-one solution provides cleaner, softer Culligan water everywhere you want, with the added benefit of filtering out unpleasant contaminants like chlorine.*

Explore customizable filtration solutions designed to suit all kinds of whole-house needs, from hard water problems like stubborn soap scum and residue, to bitter taste or chlorine odors. A whole-house water filter from Culligan treats your problem water directly at the source, so you enjoy the benefits of cleaner, fresher water from every faucet. Culligan has 80 years of experience with all types of problem water so you can have peace of mind that your family’s water is in good hands with your local Culligan Man®.

Culligan® Whole House Filter Specifications

  • Non-corrosive control valve designed to deliver years of reliable service
  • ACCUSOFT® Microprocessor offers worry-free operation of your whole-house filter, even in power outages
  • Dubl-Safe brine refill valve provides peace of mind during refill
  • CUL-FLO-VALV® makes operation easyGuest Cycle recharge option generates an extra supply of filtered water with the touch of a button
  • CULLEX® resin provides maximum capacity, stability, and long-lasting operation
  • Quadra-Hull® Tank delivers dependable operation thanks to multiple layers of construction
  • High-grade quartz underbedding distributes water evenly, maximizing water flow

FAQ About Culligan® Whole House Filter Systems

1. What are the benefits of the Quadra-Hull® tank?

Culligan’s Quadra-Hull® tank is one of the strongest water tanks available on a water softener. The exclusive four-layer construction of the Quadra-Hull® tank provides more protection than industry standard fiberglass and metal tanks. This design makes them impervious to rust and corrosion and they are UV resistant. Culligan's Quadra-Hull® tanks offer a limited lifetime warranty on the tank and internal components.

2. What is filtered water?

Filtered water typically refers to water that has gone through a filtration process to reduce the amount of iron, hydrogen sulfide, aesthetic chlorine taste or odor, as well as microorganisms such as cryptosporidium and giardia.

Water filtration involves separating mineral particles, like particulates, iron, hydrogen sulfide, or organic matter, from the water molecule (H2O). By passing water through a "filter bed," or "media bed," these granular particles are trapped, allowing the cleaner water to pass through.

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