Rent a Culligan Water Softener or Drinking Water System for only for $9.95/mo.

Want to see the difference a Culligan system can make for your family in your home? Try us out!

For a limited time, you can rent a Culligan softener or drinking water filtration system for just $9.95/mo for the first 3 months.*

Contact us today to schedule an in-home consultation. 

*Excludes bottled water. Restrictions apply.

Why Choose Culligan Water Softeners For Your Wichita Home?

1. Expert Installation. Easy To Use

Culligan has been in the water treatment service business for more than 85 years...and it’s all we do. Your Wichita Culligan delivers, installs and maintains your water softener system for your home, so you don’t have to! No worries about shipping damage, unboxing, or installation location. Just schedule an appointment, relax, and enjoy the soft water!

2. Choose Experts Over Generalists

There are dozens of softener brands and hundreds of pipe fittings. Your home is unique. Do you trust a third-party plumber to get it right? Your Wichita Culligan knows its product, and is familiar with the homes in your neighborhood. Most importantly, installing water treatment products is all we do.

3. Why We Don’t Have Price Tags

Unless you’re an expert at installing water heaters, you wouldn't buy one directly off Amazon. But big box retailers are now taking this transactional approach to homeowners for water treatment. They offer low price tags at the outset for incentive. What they fail to mention is the installation hassle, the third-party customer service on both ends of the deal, and how you’re left to your own devices to maintain your system. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. If you truly want to save on costs throughout the life of your system, go with the experts.

4. Make Your Water Work For You

Still on the fence about whether you need a softener? You could enjoy these benefits that pay themselves off short order!

  • 24% in energy savings by using softened cool water to wash clothes
  • 30% more out of your water-using appliances when water contaminants are filtered out
  • 50% in reduced detergent costs when washing your laundry, hair, and body in soft water.

Introducing Culligan Whole House Water Filters

Culligan® Whole House Water Filters give you cleaner, smarter water throughout your Wichita area home.

Do you have problem water? This is typical of areas with well water or municipal systems that have bad odor, turbidity, or low pH. Whole house filtration effectively brings your hard water problems to a halt, improves water taste and quality, and can lower your utility costs...and it’s all customizable to your home.

Why Choose Culligan For Whole Home Water Filter Service?

Culligan has provided water treatment for more than 10,000,000 homes and businesses around the world. We have been serving homes for over 85 years with local, professional experts who are focused on one thing – water. 


Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems for Your Water in the Wichita Area

Many off-the-shelf filters only reduce the most common impurities in Wichita.. but now there's a smarter way to filter your water, one that addresses the unique content of your water.

Every tap is different. Depending on the location of your local area home, or even the day, your water may have impurities, bad flavor, or any number of unwanted contaminants*. But now there's a smarter way to filter your water, one that addresses the unique content of your water.

Not All Drinking Water Solutions For Your Wichita Home Are Created Equal

Culligan offers various filtration options that can be tailored to meet your specific water needs. 

Culligan's RO systems provide healthy water for your home or office at less cost, and less hassle. The long-lasting filters give you a continuous supply of great tasting water for pennies a glass, without the hassle of single-use bottles. 

Each Culligan Reverse Osmosis Water Filter helps reduce the amount of plastic bottles that end up in landfills along with decreasing the amount of oil and gasoline used to produce and deliver them. 

Why Reverse Osmosis Over Pitcher/Faucet Mount Filters?

Reverse Osmosis filtration is one of the most effective ways to remove impurities from your water.  By removing these contaminants that can adversely affect the taste and odor of tap water, you can have fresher, better tasting water right from your tap.  Advanced RO technology is customized to help you get the best tasting water, so even if you’re dealing with extremely hard or poor-quality water, reverse osmosis filters from Culligan deliver fresh, great-tasting water right from your kitchen sink.

RO filters are one of the most reliable methods of eliminating drinking water contaminant(s) that can be harmful to your health.  These contaminants are pervasive in many water supplies across the country and include lead, radium, aesthetic chlorine, hexavalent chromium (chromium-6), and arsenic. 

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